Makeup Organization

I’m 40 years old and only started recently really getting into makeup.  Between being an AVON Independent Sales Representative and my good friend being a Counter Manager for Estee Lauder in Bealls my makeup collection has started to expand, though it’s nowhere near some people’s collections.

My mother had this toolbox that was given to her as a gift and that she no longer needed, so I commandeered it and turned it into storage for my growing collection.

Makeup BoxFront View Open

Isn’t it super cute?

The top of it opens up and I use this compartment to store my skin care products as well as other things that were too big to fit into the other compartments.  It’s a mess right now, but I’m hoping to get it more organized in the future.

Skin Care and Miscellaneous

Then the front opens up and reveals three other compartments, the first compartment I use for my eye makeup.

Eye Makeup

The second compartment is for lips:

Lip Makeup

And the third is for the face (foundations, bb creams, blushes, etc.):

Face Makeup

Each compartment has adjustable plastic inserts so you can create spaces anyway you want them.

I love how this is working out for me at the moment and the beauty part is that it is completely portable.

What kinds of makeup storage solutions have you come up with?  Please share in the comments below.